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    Training and production enterprise of artisanal handicrafts “Artel” was established in 2000 (Ufa city). Today, the number of its members is over 50 persons, including 35 stonecutter artists. The main material for panel pictures and three-dimensional figures manufacturing from natural stone is Ural jasper, the unique character of which is wide range of textures and color palette. The beauty of jasper is one of the evidences of gorgeousness and prodigality of nature. Jasper artworks are the evocation of mastership, hard-working nature and spirituality of a human.

   The whole range of ornamental precious and semiprecious stones of Urals and of the world is used in “Artel” artworks: jasper, chalcedony, petrified wood, cacholong, lazurite, agate, aventurine, tiger-eye and so on.    

    Artists of training and production enterprise of artisanal handicrafts “Artel” work in various mosaic composition techniques: Russian and Florentine. In three-dimensional technique, they create one-piece and composite stone miniatures.

    The list of implemented projects includes: landscapes, portraits, icons, still-life, historical paintings, hunting scenes, pastoral, sculptural compositions and others. Elements of Florentine mosaics are also used for design development of interiors, decoration of furniture, boxes and gift tabletop sets and so on.

    Most of artworks of training and production enterprise of artisanal handicrafts “Artel” are made in a single original.

    Artworks of artists are exposed in museums, private collections, art galleries and state institutions of Russia and other countries.

Badretdinov Nail Naufalievich

 Director of training and production enterprise of artisanal handicrafts “Artel” LLC, Chairman of the Management Board of the Association of creative professionals of stonecutter artists

of the Republic of Bashkortostan

    Florentine mosaic is rightfully considered as the queen of mosaic art. Its artistic effect is based on careful selection of color shades of stones using their natural pattern. Thin stone plates are shaped in accordance with the displayed subject or its corresponding detail. These stone plates are made so that they ideally fit to each other.

    Florence is considered as the birthplace of Florentine mosaic. That was the place where in the XVIth century the first workshops appeared, which produced stone pictures. The most widely used material was marble.

In “Artel”, the mosaic is composed of hard Ural stones. This is its main peculiarity and advantage because hard rocks are more resistant to abrasion, physical impacts and do not fade in the sun. Moreover, Ural stones possess wider spectrum of color palette which also provides the artist with significantly broader possibilities.

Florentine mosaic

Mosaic picture “Prayer”

jasper, flintstone, lazurite, rhodusite

917х594 mm

Mosaic picture “St. Nikolaos of Myra”

jasper, flintstone, cacholong, rhodusite

440х636 mm

Mosaic picture “Chinese Palace”

jasper, chalcedony, violane, rhodonite,

flintstone, cacholong

658х408 mm

Mosaic picture “Pavlovsky Park”

jasper, chalcedony, violane, flintstone, agate

645х440 mm

Mosaic picture “The Holy Family”

jasper, violane, lazurite, rhodusite, flintstone

900х690 mm

Mosaic picture “Madonna under the Baldachin”

jasper, chalcedony

885х710 mm

Mosaic picture “Colombina”

jasper, lazurite, dumortierite,

rhodonite, charoite, irnimite ,

turquoise, nephrite, cacholong

390х310 mm

Mosaic picture “Harlequin and Lady”

jasper, rhodusite, chalcedony,

agate, dumortierite, charoite,

nephrite, lazurite, cacholong,


315х400 mm

Mosaic picture “St. George and the Dragon”

jasper, flintstone, chalcedony, lazurite, cacholong

770х910 mm

Mosaic picture “Ascension of Christ”

jasper, lazurite, flintstone, chalcedony, violane,

dumortierite, aventurine, rhodusite, nephrite

890х610 mm

Mosaic picture “Archangel Michael

fighting the Devil”

jasper, rhodusite, quartzite, nephrite

1000х520 mm

Mosaic picture “The Census at Bethlehem”

jasper, violane, chalcedony, rhodonite, cacholong, flintstone

640х470 mm

Mosaic picture “The Dream of St. Joseph”

jasper, lazurite, flintstone,rhodusite, dumortierite

800х600 mm

Mosaic picture “Sense of Hearing”

jasper, flintstone, lazurite, rhodonite, charoite

620х460  mm

Mosaic picture “Tactile and Smell Sense”

jasper, chalcedony, lazurite, rhodonite,

dumortierite, cacholong, irnimite ,

pertified wood, violane          

620х460  mm

Mosaic picture “The Triumph Of Good”

jasper, lazurite, rhodusite,

violane, flintstone

Mosaic picture “The Huma”

jasper,  violane,

800х600 mm

Mosaic picture “Ural and the Huma”

jasper, dumortierite, violane,

flintstone, rhodusite

800х600 mm

Mosaic picture “The Mistress of the Copper Mountain”

jasper,  violane, flintstone, turquoise,

charoite, lazurite, cacholong, rhodusite,

tiger-eye, dumortierite

2090х1410 mm

Mosaic picture “Tiger”

jasper, violane, chalcedony, tiger-eye, cacholong

600х350  mm

Mosaic picture “Childhood”

jasper, flintstone, chalcedony

460х385  mm

Mosaic picture “Sunflowers”

jasper, violane, lazurite

600х430  mm

Mosaic picture “Autumn Landscape in Pavlovsky Park”

jasper, chalcedony

500х350  mm

Mosaic picture “Autumn Landscape”


350х250 mm

Mosaic picture “February”

jasper, nephrite,  violane, flintstone, lazurite, chalcedony

400x280 mm

Three-dimensional mosaic

  One of the most difficult types of mosaic art from artistic and technological point of view is three-dimensional mosaic or, in other words, small statuary. In a remarkable and unperceivable way it combines the genre of artistic portrait and plastics of sculpture, traditions of decorative art and fine expressive properties of stone. Artworks made in three-dimensional mosaic technique could be wonderful decoration both for domestic and office interior and become the focus of attention of your collection

Back on the block

jasper, cacholong, lazurite,

tiger-eye, nephrite, pertified wood,

silver, copper.

h = 170 mm

Series “Musicians”

composite miniature

jasper, lazurite, flintstone, pertified wood

h = 60 mm

African buffalo

one-piece miniature

jasper, tiger-eye

h = 120 mm

Running rhinoceros

one-piece miniature

jasper, tiger-eye

h = 125 mm


one-piece miniature

jasper, tiger-eye

h = 90 mm


one-piece miniature

jasper, tiger-eye, ivory

h = 120 mm


one-piece miniature


h = 170 mm


one-piece miniature

jasper, tiger-eye

h = 90 mm

Rooster and Hen

three-dimensional mosaic

jasper, rhodonite, heliotrope

h = 50 mm


Three-dimensional mosaic

jasper, tiger-eye

h = 90 mm

Mosaic picture of the series “Birds” – “Red Parrots”

jasper, heliotrope, rock crystal, rhodusite, flintstone, mookaite, marble, chalcedony

380х280 mm

Mosaic picture of the series “Birds” – “Green Parrots”

jasper, heliotrope, lazurite, dumortierite, rock crystal, flintstone, smalt, marble, chalcedony, nephrite

380х280 mm

Mosaic in the interior

Tabletop fragment “Roses”

Florentine mosaic

jasper, flintstone

Tabletop “Dutch Flowers”

Florentine mosaic

jasper, lazurite, cacholong, rhodusite

 d = 1100 mm

Tabletop “Tropical Frogs”

Florentine mosaic

jasper, charoite, lazurite, turquoise, malachite, flintstone

 d = 1000 mm

Insert pieces for cupboard doors

“The Seasons. Spring”

jasper, chalcedony, pertified wood,

violane, aventurine, sodalite.

905х280 mm

Insert pieces for cupboard doors

“The Seasons. Summer”

jasper, flintstone,  rhodonite,

violane, cacholong

905х280 mm

Insert pieces for cupboard doors

“The Seasons. Autumn”

jasper, chalcedony, pertified wood,

violane, aventurine, rhodonite

905х280 mm

Insert pieces for cupboard doors

“The Seasons. Winter”

jasper, quartzite,

quartzite of Belaya River (Altai),

lazurite, violane, flintstone,

сacholong, mookaite

905х280 mm

Tabletop “Carnival”

Florentine mosaic

jasper, malachite, charoite, irnimite , agate, cacholong, flintstone,

dumortierite, rhodusite, lazurite, chalcedony, rhodonite

 d = 1000 mm

VIP - presents

   VIP - presents are the exclusive handmade artworks. Their main requirements are solidarity and originality.

Nowadays business souvenirs with company’s logo became an integral part of an efficiently-run company.       Such souvenirs are presented to the partners and suppliers on the occasion of anniversaries and presentations of the company. Lapidary artworks made of stone by the artists of training and production enterprise of artisanal handicrafts “Artel” become memorable gifts for many years.

    In “Artel” you can choose or order original present for a man or a woman of any age and social status as well as corporate presents for any celebration. It makes no doubt that such present made of natural stone will definitely remind recipient of you.

Souvenir for petroleum company

Three-dimensional mosaic

jasper, lazurite, silver

h = 170 mm

Souvenir “Shi-Tsza”

composite miniature

jasper, flintstone, cacholong

h = 100 mm

Clock “Golden Eagle”

anhydrite, jasper, quartz, tiger-eye

h = 195 mm

455049, Russian Federetion, Republic of Bashkortostan, Ufa, st. Novozhenova 7
phone/fax: +7 917 342 37 23, +7 917 756 39 21

(347) 246 42 56, (347) 246 42 55


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